Friday, 23 December 2011


The first major Holocaust of Muslims took place on Friday, July 15, 1099 in
Jerusalem by the Crusaders. Please remember July 15 as the worldwide
Muslim's Holocausts Day. Please organize rallies and programs on July 15 to
educate and inform citizens of the world about the atrocities committed against Muslims.
Major Holocausts and Genocide of Muslims

1. Crusaders killed more than half million Muslims during and after occupying Jerusalem.
2. Ganges Khan and his forces killed more than a million Muslims during the occupation of Iraq and neighboring areas.
3. Thousands of Muslims were killed / forced to change religion by Spanish Crusaders in South America
4. More than a million Muslims were killed / displaced by Spanish and other European extremists during the rebellion against the Ottoman Empire.
5. More than 3 million Muslims were killed / displaced by the European colonial powers during and after the occupation of Muslim countries after World War I and II.
6. More than 5 million Muslims were killed / displaced by Tsars of Russia
7. More than a million Muslims were killed / displaced by Communist Government of Russia
8. More than 1.5 million Muslims have been killed in China, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other Far East countries since the World War II.
9. More than half million Muslims have been killed / displaced in Burma
since World War II
10. More than half million Muslims have been killed in India and Kashmir
Since 1947
11.More than half million Muslims were killed by Serbs and Croats in
Bosnia during early 90s.
11. More than 100,000 Muslims were killed in Kosovo and Albania during mid 90s.
13.More than 5 million Muslims have been killed / displaced in
Palestine since 1948
14.More than 5 million Muslims were killed / displaced by the Russian
occupation of Afghanistan
15.More than one million Muslims children died from malnutrition in
Iraq during the US/UN embargo on Iraq during 1990s.
16.Thousands of Muslims have been killed by the secular governments in
Muslim countries, backed by the Western Governments, since the independence
from the colonial powers.
17.Currently, more than one million innocent civilians have been killed
by the American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2002.
18. Currently, three civil wars have been created among Muslims
(Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, etc..)  and several more are in the planning
Phase. These civil wars have killed thousands of Muslims and destroyed the
Economy of many Muslim countries.

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Note: Anyone who will be able to prove that the above mentioned numbers of Muslim casualties are wrong, will be rewarded with $1000.00

Please organize programs on July 15 to remember the victims of Muslims
Holocausts and Genocides. MAT and ISCC will be holding a memorial service
(Fateha) for the victims of Muslim Holocausts on Sunday, July 15, 2007 at
3:00 PM at the Al Madinah Calgary Islamic Centre, 5700 Falsbridge Dr.,Calgary NE.

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