Friday, 12 August 2011

I Is there any connection between tracking skills and marriage to the jinn?


There are well-known sayings among the
people about some tribes who have powers of observation and the ability to follow tracks
and know who or what made them. It is said that some of their forefathers married some of
the jinn, and this is how they gained this power. How true is this?

Praise be to Allaah.

This is not true, and I do not think that any
half-human, half-jinn person could be born, because the jinn do not have bodies. They are
spirits, even though they may appear in different forms. These people who are known for
their tracking skills are people who are possess powers of observation, intelligence,
knowledge, experience and skill. Allaah has created differences in tracks and footprints,
just has He has created differences between people who may be tall or short, white or
black, small or big – so that among one hundred thousand people you will not find two
who are the same in all respects. This is the reason why these people can distinguish
between things, and they recognize tracks and can tell apart things that look similar. And
Allaah knows best.

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