Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Brief History of Islam

The teachings of Islam were transmitted to humanity through Muhammad, which is commonly the last plan, so far, in the line of prophets Middle East. The first was renowned Abraham Judaism, then there was Jesus to Christianity and then came Mohammed. Muhammad was born around the year 570 AD in Mecca, western Saudi Arabia and died 62 years later in 632 in Medina.

The Koran, or "recitation" in English, consists of 144 chapters and was linked to Muhammad by God. These lessons were written by the scribes in the course of 23 years.

Like its predecessor religions, Islam is a monotheistic religion and its wise includes stories or references to Abraham, Moses (Ten Commandments) and Jesus, but does not accumulate the declaration of Christianity in his divinity.

Another significant change in the Middle Eastern religions before it, is that ticket Jews of their lineage through Abraham's son Isaac, whileMuslims make history through Ishmael son of Abraham by another wife.

The root word of Islam - "slm" - means "peace" and "submission" (to God). An association of Muslims with God is defined by the "five pillars of Islam." These five pillars are: Shahadah (profession of faith), public and collective prayer five times a day, charity to the poor, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca, the holiest of places Muslims at least once in your life.

Islam has strict dietary laws, especially by eating pork, and the prohibition of promiscuity, theft, gambling and deception. Muslims in mosques and appreciate the services are held by magnets. The most valuable time for prayer at noon on Friday, which is the Muslim Sabbath.

Vast majority of Muslims are Sunnis, who are traditionalists, and the rest are Shia or "party". In general, this can be likened to the relationship between Judaism and Christianity. The differences between the two sects in religions have caused such untold suffering over the centuries and there is no seal that stops in the short term.

Not much more known about Muhammad than about Jesus. Mohammed was raised by his uncle at the age of 25 years was a merchant. At the age of 40 years, in 610, an angel instructed him to spread the word of God. He was not common in Mecca, but authorities asked him to stop the city of Medina in 622, which he did.

Their condition for accepting this task was to rescue people the word of God. They did so - called Hegim going and is the date that Muslimsnarrate contemporary history - as the Western world uses the birth of Jesus.

632 by Mohammed was boring, but by then the vast majority of Arabs were Muslims. For one reason or another, Islam spread east and west of Saudi Arabia made mostly by Arab traders, probably. Islam never really got a foothold in Europe (except Spain), but this did disappear quite extensive. 

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