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Muhammad - faith that moves mountains

English: Tomb of Muhammad in Madinah, Saudi Arabia

The goal of the warrior is just a huge book which will allow people to see how it can lead to a change. Written by Dan Millman who brings us the following from the other books that are all a decent look. 

"On another day, an angel appeared to the young merchant and primitive camel herders, known by everyone in the city of his birth the angel's words were filled with fear and trembling -. That tells you that he opposed its ancient religious community, to denounce 360 ​​deities carved into the rock and worship of the ages, a single sigh to himself the prophet of God, to kill the diagram above living life and beliefs of many established - and religion aside when what .. By the way, he met with doubt, denial, violent persecution and exile could look mad attempt to bring anything but a failure - or at least, death of a martyr? 

Or is it ephemeral, are valid for the verbalization of heavenly angels, won a victory beyond all reason that could have been foreseen? 

He was born in Mecca in 570 AD. His father died before his birth. His mother was devastated, unable to care for her, called Muhammad and gave carers - a pastor in a band of Bedouins. Muhammad spent his first five years with the nomads, who live the presence of the following open-resistant cattle graze on grass and scrub desert, sleeping in tents under the desert sky substantial. Once weaned, drank camel's milk, and eat mostly rice, dates, wild birds, and grasshoppers fried in oil. Since its inception, the desert claimed Muhammad as a company. He will always be a Bedouin at heart. 

At the age of six years, returned to his mother, but died later that year. He ended up living with an uncle, a caravan of merchants. In subsequent years, Muhammad traveled with a caravan of Saudi uncle, to learn the wisdom of the desert, the way we do business and the arts of war, who fought the gang of thieves. His journey took him into contact with the different tribes and religions over - Jewish sect, Christian and Arab who worshiped hundreds of gods and goddesses in the conduct of stone idols. This experience left a deep impression on the young, thoughtful introspective. From the initial thread, fate weaves rugs. 

He became an incredible young man admired for his strong character, integrity right, and an interesting mind. But he lives near the merchant more by chance than by choice. Interested in money and retire quietly left the caravan to work as a shepherd in the desert for months at a time.

When he was 25, Muhammad was a region in a commercial enterprise owned by a woman 15 years his main flowering. His name is Khadija. For two years, he led Khadija's caravan across Arabia, to the location of corporate managers. Not surprisingly, Khadija fell with his self-esteem. Finally, proposed through intermediaries. Their marriage, blessed with six daughters, will last until Khadija's death 21 years later. 

However, shortly after the wedding ceremony was over, Muhammad's mind turned back to the inside. His meeting with so many cultures and religions have planted a seed that is hidden inside began to grow. He found himself thinking about how 360 rock god in the temple of Mecca could prevent the soul. Such questions seek to draw his soul once again contained in the silence of the desert. 

Muhammad began spending his days in a cave in the hills outside of Mecca, fasting, prayer and meditation. Shrimp bed, which began to enter altered states {looks like a man out of a woman who has a vision that is the pastor and the terrible, might have begun to show to invite the literary tradition.} And has a view from above - to experience the mystical interior life. At that time, violent shaking and he lost consciousness. A practical man of good health has been an arduous journey across the desert a lot, discovered this unique and disturbing phenomenon. But the earthquake inner {Buddha includes many anecdotes of this sort of thing. What will happen to them today? That} feared it might be a sign of health is actually a sign of vibration awakening giant. 

One night, during the holy month of Ramadan at 40, when fasting and prayer in the desert cave, Mohammed heard that he called the urgency of astronomy. Seeing in the dark cave, he saw an angel standing before him, radiating beautiful light. Muhammad fainted with fear when she awoke, she found an angel standing alone. 

"Lee, you," the angel commanded him, in a severe protest authority. 

"I can not," stammered Muhammad, because could barely read. 

"Lee, you," ordered the angels again in the verse, "in the name of the God who created all things, who created man from a clot. Read in the name of the Most High that teaches people to pass the pencil and taught him that he did not know before. " 

In his panic, Muhammad repeated the words, memorize each. Then the angel said: "Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah you and I am his angel Gabriel. 

With him, the angel disappeared. 

In breeding fear, Muhammad was and told Khadija what had happened. She hugged him tightly and declared his faith in the vision and mission, saying, "Rejoice, dear husband. He who has in his hands the life of Khadija amazed me that you are the messengers of His people." 

However, Muhammad was unable to contain their growth vision. How could a normal person until perfection becomes an emissary? I was afraid they might be deceived or insane, maybe. The days passed. He waited for another label, for more confirmation that carried within itself and knows yield. But no effect came. 

Finally, he returned to the cave of Mount Hira, seek the angel Gabriel. He waited and prayed, but to no avail. Desperate, frightened by the terrible doubts and fears being attacked by madness, Muhammad climbed the cliff and ready to jump to his death. At that time, an angel appeared before her and, raising his hands, repeating: "I am Gabriel, and you Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah." Muhammad froze on the edge of fascinated trance. Hours passed. That came one night and find the server separately Khadijah Muhammad perched on the rocks, lost in ecstasy, and take it home. 

After the incident, Muhammad began secretly deploying the novel's revelation of faith among a few friends and family members stopped. But in a culture very closely, word spread quickly. Soon, the chase began - gossip, brutal beatings, the plot against him, and attempts on his life. Over time, honesty and virtue, the words of Scripture revealed through him, and work towards the mysterious fate of the conversion of some of the greatest warriors of Mecca. All this greatly strengthen the faith of young Muslims and drove fear into the hearts of his enemies. 

The people demanded that the design of miracles as proof of his divine mission. Muhammad replied that he did not get a miracle, which has been preaching the word of God. The obligation to leave the mountain, he looked in that direction, but in poor condition, not what you said now famous words that show the wisdom, humor and humility: "If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will the mountain. " 

From start to extinguish, Muhammad was recognized as an ordinary human being, big bugs and limitations - the chosen people of God, for reasons not understood, to provide a new revelation of Islam, which means "submission to God." The Islam requires belief in God, charity, purity and life is free from idolatry, living with the courage of the warriors in battle, with prayer as an immersion in the cleaning of his spirit. 

Residents of Mecca raised the ire of the attack of Mohammed in their idols ones - and the statement that there is one God, named Allah and Mohammed is his prophet. Forced to fly across the desert to the city of Medina, who began his mission once more, once more a solitary prophet with few followers in the city of the infidels. 

Over time, the angel Gabriel revealed to Muhammad's holy book, which was read aloud and Khadija and others have written. Scripture is known as the Qur'an (Koran). The Quran is the miracle of Muhammad define - the wording of the religious work of poetic writing a simple man, probably semi has gained fame as a prophet. However, this achievement is only one chapter in the life of Muhammad. 

Persecuted as a heretic for almost two decades by the people of Mecca {How excited Khadija's life, when he spent nearly two decades there? Math does not work, but probably not catastrophic semi}. Including families and friends are as Bedouin, once at an early age thins an army general who dared. More than once, the Meccans besieged, trying to kill Medina, where Muhammad and his followers lived - they will not destroy the war until Muhammad or Mecca fell. In the final battle, when they lost 3-1, but filled with the power of Allah, Muhammad and his followers down like a storm in the army of Mecca and destroy it. This battle became the current "(1). 

People who make fun of the legends of India and it is not funny and not indigenous to upright it right. calm like a bad example for his followers to accept the sword of Allah or Jehovah (Jewish) or Shiva. We all pay for this effect have been made narrators from the day of the Caliph Omar and Constantine, who had an empire of trust of the young and fresh built under the spell of ignorance. Omar said there was no need to read anything but the Koran because he ordered the attack to extinguish one of the great library of Alexandria that housed all knowledge, you should really know about our roots. Islam has been very nice and less tolerant of other religions on the basis of the epic Ur. It consists Caliphate has a stranglehold on the souls of people. He does not want people to have knowledge - to promote reading outdated books with little sense that I noticed. 

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