Thursday, 14 June 2012

Silence is Golden, an Islamic perspective

"Silence is Golden" we say. InIslam, but silence is gold. There is a well known saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the value of keeping silent:

"Salat (prayer) is the main pillar of Islam, however there are still better.
Sadaqa(charity), Allah will ruin the Madden, but is at peace is better.
Sawm (fasting) is a shield against the fire of hell, yet stays quiet is better.
Jihad (holy war) occupies a high position in the deen of Allah, yet remaining silent is better. "

The experiences of the peace by reducing human four innate habits: socializing, eating, sleeping and talking big. Islam puts considerable emphasis on controlling the tongue. Speech is one of the entrances to the spiritual heart. Usually it is useless to talk more than we cry. This is what is said with the conviction of a collision and less objective. Remarkably, even talking about religion can fall into this category. ManyMuslims speak of God and Islam without the knowledge trustworthy.

As talks each day, they are discussing, gossip, debate and lies. Such speech has no value, or rather the negative effects that adds nothing but trivial distraction.

On the other hand speaks of confidence in accordance with Islamicteaching is what is healthy and constructive. Commenting on public life is not considered spiritually irascible however, only when our lips are sealed by the current discourse becomes eligible illuminated. Talking too much can be a serious threat to the soul. The language has a privilege that other organs do not, and that is to mention the name of Allah and remember the audible. The cure must speak too, according to scholars is through constant remembrance of Allah.

We have often been taught to think before speaking, but this ability appears to be lost in time. Although it may not be possible to use in remembering Allah every moment is part of spiritual formation to fight to keep the tongue moist with the dhikr Allah (remembrance of Allah). After powerful memory with the language (some say it takes years), it becomes natural to a being in constant contemplation and remembrance of the One, God. The silence in Islam, is simply salvation. 

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