Thursday, 14 June 2012

The rise of Mohammed and Islam

Muhammad (the prophet) was born in Arabia, in the city ofMecca in 570 AD. He comes from a wealthy family prominent and highly respected. Muhammad told the people who chose to hear that he had a vision. In the vision stated that he is the last prophet, and only to connect the truth. Muhammad did not jabber other prophets like Moses or Jesus, but the key to him is that he is the last prophet and that can only express the truth.

Mohammed preached the religion simple and accessible: A strict ideas in one God, without the complications that Christianity is necessary - not after the flesh but after the Spirit. Islam teaches a simple ritual that is similar to that practiced by the Jews associated with cleanliness and health. The emphasis of the basic virtues such as courage, generosity and kindness. And on top of all who believe in the potential promise that those who fall in love with their religion go directly to heaven, whereIslam's holy book, the Quran is explained in detail, and looked nice in comparison to Christians go to heaven.

For example, in Islam when a man dies, they have virgins in heaven that I could do something fun with them. During all this time on earth a Muslim can marry many women. If you want to pit Islam to Christianity can be said that Islam is the religion of the flesh - lust.

Arabia has been a long road for trade in spices, perfumes, and slaves. Mohammed himself was a merchant in Mecca before he was seen as a prophet. Mecca is a city of extraordinary and traders rediscovered the first claim Mohammed as a prophet in Medina, another city merchants. Mohammed also know many things about Christianity and Judaism. Once described by hardliners in the image on a donkey at Jesus.

In combination with military force, the message of Islam proved to be very powerful. In the ten years before his death in 632 Muhammad had united all the warring tribes divided and Saudi cities. With the 644, which is 12 years after his death, Egypt and Libya have fallen in Islam, as well as Syria, Iraq and Persia. At the time of this century, ended in 700 AD Arab armies were driven out of what remained of the Persian Empire, who were then besieging Constantinople - the capital of Eastern Roman Empire, where the Emperor Constantine was released. And in 15 years Islamhas spread from India to Spain. secret sharing their success is that they do not hesitate and uncivilized as they appear in appearance.

Another success is that allocation speak Arabic with a stop Semitic Semitic language Aramaic, the language spoken by the people of Iraq at this time to Palestine.

Perhaps the most important facts that make them successful is its religious tolerance. Muslim conquest in the war that did not try to exterminate the people who believe in Judaism, Christianity or anything else. It just confirmed a higher revelation that makes them appear as the selected person is entitled to the privileges of the land and exclusive access to heaven. This leaves non-Muslims second-class citizens - are tolerated but hated. And Muslims do not have to pay taxes plus the tax paid only non-Muslims and this is a strong argument for conversion and a strong argument for Muslims to tolerate non-Muslims.

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