Friday, 14 October 2011

Al-Qur'ân, Guidance for all mankind


 Waitha qeela lahum aminoo kama amana alnnasu qaloo anuminu kama amana alssufahao ala innahum
humu alssufahao walakin la yaAAlamoona

And when it was said to them that bring Faith as other people have brought
Faith then they only replied: "Shall we bring Faith like the fools”?
-- Beware, in fact they are the
fools, but they do not know.


14.            Waitha laqoo allatheena amanoo
qaloo amanna waitha khalaw ila shayateenihim qaloo
inna maAAakum innama nahnu mustahzioona

When they meet with the believers, they say: “We have brought Faith”, and when
they meet with their Satans (Shayâtin) in an isolation, they say: “In fact we
are with you and (we) are just joking with those people”


15.            Allahu yastahzio bihim
wayamudduhum fee tughyanihim yaAAmahoona

is mocking at them, HE has been extending their rope and they have been blindly
wandering in their disobedience.


16.            Olaika allatheena ishtarawoo
alddalalata bialhuda fama rabihat tijaratuhum wama kanoo muhtadeena

These are those people, who have bought the error at
the price of guidance, but this trade is not profitable for them and they are
not on the Right Path at all.

Learn Holy Quran because it will be a proof for us muslim on the Day of Judgment.

This is due to the statement of the Messenger: “And the Quran is a proof for you or against you.” [Muslim] so the deputy of every Muslim is to read quran and learn quran with tajweed so one of two things will occur with this proof, the Book of Allah. And this quran education will be in your favor, a proof for us on the Day when we will need every single good deed and learning quran along with doing quran memorization is one of it and to add more spread the quran teaching and spread the kids quran knowledge and listening to quran online and understand the quran tafseer , it will be something standing against us and follow the guidance of or prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and these good deeds will be a proof against us! Who could be saved from the terrors of that Day if Allah’s own Speech is against him?!?! Think carefully, so reading Arabic Quran and teaching our kids quran qaida with the tafseer of quran  and let the kids memorize quran dear Muslim brother or sister, about your position with the reading Quran! Are you neglecting it, contradicting it, being heedless of its orders and prohibitions, are you thinking deeply over it?! Will it be on your side on the Day of Judgment.? So learn quran recitation! O Allah! We ask you, by Your Glorious Speech and the rest of your beautiful Names and Attributes, to make the Quran a proof for us! So the Quran tutor should let his student know about these facts also,


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